Dallas 2D and 3D Animation

Video Production by DTX Media

DTX Media, based in Dallas/ Fort Worth, is a small video production studio / production house that offers high-quality custom 2D and 3D animated videos for clients and business of all sizes. The above video is a 3D animation, with an English accented voiceover, created for GDC Technics, an aircraft modifications & technology company based in Ft Worth. Below are more samples of our work with different styles of animations.



2D Animated Videos


You may see companies that create whiteboard explainer videos, but at DTX Media, we take our 2D animation videos to another level of quality. The sample video is for DFW Air Care, an energy efficiency service located in Dallas, Texas. The video explains how a radiant barrier works. DTX Media can create animations or traditional company profile videos.

3D Animated Videos


The 3D animation above is very different than the GDC Technics airplane video. This was an animated product video we assembled from CAD files. The video was created for Stryker, a medical equipment manufacturing company just north of Dallas / Fort Worth in Flower Mound, TX. Visit our product photography and video page.



Supplemental Animated Graphics

Animations and graphics added to standard ‘filmed’ video productions.


Basic Graphics


It’s best to consider a ‘simple graphic’ as basically something which could be done in a PowerPoint presentation. For those in the industry, these are graphics that can be created in the program Premiere Pro (vs After Effects). Examples include text, logos, and titles. The above training video for Milgard Windows shows a simple animated intro set to music, in which the logo and text slide around. This is a “simple graphic”. Graphics like these are billed according to our editing day rate, so essentially done at no additional charge.

Advanced Graphics


Advanced graphics are any animations that are beyond ‘simple graphics’ described above (ie, anything that cannot be done in PowerPoint / Premiere Pro). Similar to our simple graphics, advanced graphics are typically charged according to our editing day rate or hourly rate, the big difference being that advanced graphics take much longer. For this reason, it’s often best to get a flat quote from us in advanced. The above sample shows a property outline “drawing” and “tracking” with a helicopter orbit. This aerial video in Dallas, TX was shot and edited by DTX Media for Cushman and Wakefield.