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DTX Media, LLC
3333 Lee Parkway Suite #600
Dallas, TX 75219

(Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas)

Office: 214-810-5570


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Basic Videography Rates

2 man crew video Day Rate: $2100
1 man crew video Day Rate: ~ $1500
2 man crew video Half Day: ~ $1500
1 man crew video Half Day: ~ $900
Video Editing (day rate): ~ $700

*Rates are for 1080p HD videography, ask about 4k / UHD.

Basic Photography Rates

Photo Day Rate: ~ $1200
Photo Half Day: ~ $700
Basic photo editing is included!

*A half day (1-4 hours) is the minimum. A full day is 4-8 hours. Prices vary per project, so contact us with project details. Basic photo editing is included in the day rate. See our Rates and Prices page. 


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