Green Screen Photography and Video in Dallas

dallas security guards standing in front of a background that's half green and half transparent squares.

DTX Media is a Dallas based video production company and photography firm that offer green screen services. Green screen photography is when you take images on a chroma key green green background with the intention of cutting your subject out and replacing the background with another scene or solid color. Our photographers and videographers have perfected the lighting, shooting and editing / background replacement techniques for Dallas Green Screen Portraits and video interviews. While images with true scenic or environmental backgrounds is always preferred for the maxium quality and authenticity, green screen can serve as a great alternative when the scenic background is unavailable.



$1200 – Photography Full Day  – Up to 8 hours on site with a lunch break
$700 – Photography Half Day  – Up to 4 hours on site
$35/image – Green Screen photo edit (discounts in bulk)
$15/image – Green Screen headshot edit (discounts in bulk)

Video Production
$2400 – Video Half Day – 2 person crew – Up to 8 hours on site with a lunch break
$1500 – Video Full Day Crew – 2 person crew – Up to 4 hours on site
$1500 – Video Half Day – Single Videographer – Up to 8 hours on site with a lunch break
$900 – Video Full Day Crew – Single Videographer – Up to 4 hours on site
$700 – Editing “Day” Rate (8 hour block).
* typically 2 days of editing is needed for each day of shooting.
* crew required anytime a teleprompter is used or we’re shooting anything more than a ‘talking head’

Studio Space
Free – Come to your office. Need at least a 15×15 clear space
$1000 / day — Studio Space Rental
$350 / day — Office Space Rental
*Studio set up for video requires 1 hour on site. Photography takes about 15-30 minutes.


Mobile Studio

a green screen mobile studio set up in an office in dallas, with light stand and a photography backdrop

We can bring the green screen studio to your Dallas / Fort worth office. Yes, we travel to you! If you don’t have a local office, we’re part of a network that allows us to rent office spaces all around DFW and even the world , so you can still come to us. Photography is a simple set-up perfect for corporte portraits, commercial portraits, or headshots. We’ve set up our green screen studio in Dallas conference rooms, lobbies, offices, etc. Green screen video requires a relatively large amount of space compared to green screen photography, (15×15 ft).

Green Screen Interviews

A behind the scenes looks at Dallas Cowboy's Troy Aikman filming green screen video interviews in a studio.

Above is a behind the scenes look at the former Dallas Cowboys and multiple NFL Super Bowl Champion quarterback, Troy Aikman. Here, DTX Media is at a Dallas studio filming a Television commercial. Our talent is reading a teleprompter and addressing the camera. Of course we can film the off camera true interview look as well, and either can be down while live broadcasting video! See our designated Dallas Interview Video Production page.



Dallas Green Screen Photographer


Green Screen Portraits

a side by side comparison of a man in front of a green screen, and then the same image with a background behind him

Shown above is a side by side comparison of corporate portraits. On the left is the raw image and on the right is the final portrait with the edited in background. You would not know otherwise that the final image has been edited or altered. And that’s always our goal. See DTX Media’s full portrait and headshot photography portfolio.

Green Screen Headshots

dallas green screen photography headshots of a woman with side by side photos. One is transparent, the other has a pretty office background.

One great thing about the green screen headshots is that it allows you to replace the background with any background of your choice to match old headshots. You can also create a unique looking commercial environment. Headshot backgrounds are limited to shapes and blurs to be convincing. You will not be showing the Dallas skyline for example. The above example is about as detailed as a background that can be added.





Background Replacement Options






With green screen photography or video we can replace the green background and put in anything you’d like. This is ideal for corporate and commercial portraits, video interviews, head shots and etc. We have a selection of in-stock backgrounds to choose from or we can build one just for you. Like shown above, we can even give you multiple images to choose from with different background on each image.



Dallas Green Screen Video

The video above, while silly, pretty much explains everything you need to know. In this video we used a small pop-up green screen, but we have larger options up to a 9x15ft backdrop. Our green screen videography service is perfect for interviews, speeches and simple assignments. We do not currently offer high end special effects or animation that you may see in multimillion dollar motion pictures. If you’re unsure, contact us and ask if we can do what you need. We will be honest with you and like our green screen backgrounds: completely transparent.



Fashion and Product Clipping

dallas green screen photographer captures three images of a lady with different backgrounds

Both product photography and catalog fashion photography require a green screen technique. In many cases, these products require white backgrounds for display on websites, print or to be Amazon compliant. Products are actually photographed on a solid white background and then clipped out. See our dedicated fashion photography and our product photography page .

Green Screen Photo Station

a lady and a man with a sombero standing in front of a green screen background that has been replaced with what looks like a bee hive background

DTX Media provides photo stations for personal and corporate events, perfect for souvenirs or celebities. Our Photo Booth alternative also includes digital sharing options for guests to text or email themselves the image. And of course, we can provide green screen photo stations, where the background is swapped in real-time.  See our Dallas Photo Station page.