Headshot Studio Day

$100/person — includes digital files!

Every month we host an in-office event between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM where clients and customers can get professional headshots at a significantly reduced price! Our normal rates are $500-$1200 for a mobile studio trip to your office. If you’re an individual or you simply only need a few people photographed, come to us on one of our headshot days and save hundreds of dollars! Starting at $100 / person, and digital files are included!


Headshot Day Reservation

Tuesday February 7th, 2016

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Thumbnail Samples

Some of these are from DTX Media’s Headshot Day and others are from our custom on-site visits.
Learn about DTX Media’s custom head-shots and corporate portraits sessions


Standard Backgrounds Choices

We will have four standard background options available. Blue, off-white / light gray, gray and of course green. We can do a variety of techniques with these backgrounds, including gradient and or color splash, or blow-out to make a pure white background. If you need a custom background, we can offer that with our green screen service.

Multiple Looks and Photos

Bring outfit changes for a variety of images. It’s a simple $50 add-on to get multiple looks. You get 3 different photos from three different outfits. We can even change the background if needed.


Green Screen Portraits

a man side by side with a green background and an environmental background

To accomplish a custom look, we offer headshots with a green screen background. In post production we can swap out the green with any background of your choice. Read more at our green screen photography page.

In-Office Headshot Studio

Our studio set-up is simple. We have an office space that we set up the headshot backgrounds and our professional strobe lighting. If you need us to bring the studio to you, we most certainly can with our custom portrait sessions.



When you arrive, park in a visitor spot and make your way to the 6th floor. Tell the receptionist you’re there for headshots (or for DTX Media) and she will direct you to where the headshots are. Come dressed and ready to go to the best of your ability, but of course you can touch up your hair and makeup before we take pictures. You can arrive anytime during your one hour window. Most sessions are 2-5 minutes long. After we take your pictures, you’ll look on camera and choose your favorite 1-3 images. Within 48 hours we’ll email you a link to a gallery with all the pictures from the day. Simply find yours and download it. If you have custom needs, let us know in advance. We look forward to taking your picture!

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