Wichita Falls editorial Part 3: Prairie dogs, Riverbend and cyclists

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This summer I did a big job for the city of Wichita Falls, Texas. It consisted of 3 full days of shooting, literally from sun-up to sun down. The first day was aerial photography only, the next two days would be just crazy. While the sun couldn’t always be in the ideal position, we got a ton of great photos and they sure got their money’s worth.

This is part 3 of 5. 
Day 2 evening and day 3 morning:

Witchita Falls

Wichita Falls has a designated prairie dog living area at Kiwanis Park. 
They didn’t actually request these photos, but I went and got them in my off time anyway. They’re so cute, how could I not?

Witchita Falls

Riverbend Nature Center:
Witchita Falls

Witchita Falls
There are a bunch of butterflies and neat birds inside here.

Witchita Falls

Wichita Falls might be most famous for it’s annual bike race the “hotter than hell”
which takes place in August. August in Texas is horrible. The cyclist community there is pretty big, so bike shots were a must. It’s a surprisingly active city and there are a lot of nice places to enjoy the outdoors. These were taken at Lucy Park.
Witchita Falls bikers

Witchita Falls biker
having some fun panning.

Witchita Falls bikers
The falls in the background. This is one of my favorite shots.

Witchita Falls bikers
major strobist work going on here. I have a ton of great bike shots, but I’m limiting this post to just four.

Witchita Falls
And some beautiful flowers at Lucy Park.

Part 4 coming soon.

-Jonny Carroll Photographer
Jonny Carrol Photography
Dallas editorial photographer

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