Throwback post…

While I’ve dabbed in aerial video a tad for fun and personal short film making, this was my first time to do it professionally.

Here’s the set up. That’s a Canon XL2 (video camera) attached to a gyro, which is plugged into to a battery pack. Still handheld, and it’s really heavy. Inside the gyro (which is mounted to the bottom of the camera) something spins at an enormous speed. This spinning causes stability and smooth motion on the pitch and yaw axis. If you wanted stability on the roll axis, you could simply mount another gyro below and perpendicular to the first gryo. (sorry if that’s confusing, I really tried to explain it simply, and it’s a very simple device).

I flew with Epic helicopters. The pilot shown is Brian. See that spiffy shirt he’s wearing tho. I got one of those now!

-Jonny Carroll

Dallas Aerial Video