Dallas Video Production by DTX Media

Commercial and corporate video production and photography firm in Dallas, TX by award winning National Geographic cinematographer Jonny Carroll and crew of DTX Media. Now offering 4k / UHD on request! We are a commercial and corporate video production service and photography firm based in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas offering HD and UHD videography in 4k.

The Dallas Texas corporations that DTX Media has made video productions or photography for


Corporate Training Videos

DTX Media creates outstanding corporate training and educational videos in Dallas for companies and business. We are a full production service, offering the creation a training video nearly from scratch and or simply film a classes, seminars, or demonstrations.

Corporate Event Video

Our Dallas Fort Worth event videographers capture everything from keynote speeches to candid interactions and of course b-roll video from the event. DTX Media, LLC is also a photography service provider. See our Dallas corporate event video and photography page for more information about our events services.

Aerial Video

DTX Media is a long time video provider for aerial video before the drone age. You’ll find no video production company in Dallas Fort Worth Texas more professional and competent when it comes to aerial video than DTX Media. Let us provide the beautiful and dramatic aerials that increase the quality of your production. Learn more about our Dallas Aerial Video Services.


Interviews are necessary for nearly any video production. DTX Media offers a simple mobile studio set-up with softbox diffused LED lights, two cameras, a lavaliere microphone and or boom mic and of course the oh-so-wonderful teleprompter when working with scripts. We recommend using a our professional crew of two videographers for interviews. Learn more about our interview video service in Dallas, TX.


Dallas Professional Photography Portfolios



Photography and Video in Dallas, Texas

DTX Media is a corporate orientated Dallas, Texas video production company and photography firm.  DTX Media was founded in 2005 by Jonny Carroll, an award winning photographer and videographer best known for his aerial cinematography. We’ve made professional video productions in Dallas Ft Worth for many big name corporate and commercial video clients. We  shoot with a variety of cameras, including 4k systems and dSLRs accompanied with high quality lights and diffusers, microphones, and other video equipment such as tripods, sliders, dollys and jibs which makes for exciting professional and unique and artistic looking videography. Whatever you need, just let us know; we hope you consider us for your Dallas video production.


Green Screen Videography

Jonny and Michael of DTX media Dallas video production posing with Troy AIkman
With green screen video we shoot on a chroma key background. The green background can be replaced with any other scene. While a natural environment is always preferred,  green screen gives a nice alternative and versatile option. Above is a picture of Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl champion quarterback Troy Aikman alongside videographers Michael and Jonny of DTX Media. See more samples, including photography on our green screen services page.

4K Video Production

A photo of a lake in Grand Teton with boxes to compare Dallas video production resolutions of 1080 vs 4k UHD
DTX Media now offers 4K video in Dallas Texas. UHD captures video at about four times the resolution of HD. Not only does this video service future proof videos, but allows for cropping and other film techniques such as stabiliztion without loosing resolution when output in 1080p. We are currently shooting 4k on request for a marginal mark-up. Please ask us if you want it! See more of our Landscape and Nature beauty photography.


Time-Lapse Videos

Time-lapse videography is one of the most spectacular film techniques. It involves the speeding up of footage. Above you’ll see nature shots and sunsets ranging from duration of 30 minutes to several month long construction projects. DTX Media, LLC is one of the most recognized time-lapse videography providers in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Read more about our Dallas time-lapse service.

Photo Station / Photo Booth

One of DTX Media’s most unique services is perhaps our photo station and video booth. Watch the video above to gain a better understanding of this service and Dallas Photo Booth page for more details.


Live Streaming Video Services

Dallas Event videography and photography presentation. A still frame from a video of a man standing at a podium of an corporate live event, giving speech

DTX Media provide live streaming video production service in Dallas Texas. We can broadcast your feed online while cutting between multiple cameras. You’ll have a copy of the stream at the end of the event. Learn more about our live video production in Dallas.

Mobile Audio Production

Live audio production, hands on a AV sound mixing board in Dallas.

Whether you need a corporate DJ, an audio engineer, or basic sound system equipment rentals, DTX Media can provide the set-up. We can provide mobile speakers and microphones of all varieties for events at venues that do not have built in PA system. Visit our Dallas live event audio services page for more info.


Dallas Documentary Filmmaker

Above is the director’s cut from part of the Living Energy Documentary Series. This short documentary film is about Texas’ fast-growing population and economy both demand ever more electricity. Visit our Dallas documentaries page for more information.

Videos in Spanish

Dallas / Fort Worth and much of Texas has a large Spanish population. DTX Media can accommodate. Members of our crew, including one of our editors are fluent in Spanish. Contact us today so we can put you in touch with one of them. Or visit our producción de vídeo en español en Dallas page. If you’re looking for sports photography and video like the sample above, please visit our sports portfolio.



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