Joining The DTX Media Team

DTX Media Photographers and Videographers are two of the coveted and sought after positions in the Dallas Ft Worth media industry. That fact that you’re at this page speaks to that truth, and we’re glad you’re here!

We are a tight team of highly talented shooters, and we have the highest standards of quality you’ll find anywhere in DFW. Our shooters function as independent contractors, who typically shoot their own gigs in addition to the stream of work DTX is able to provide to them.


Applying to DTX Media

If you’re interested in shooting for DTX Media

1. Your portfolio
2. Your gear list
3. Your desired rates. We typically pay $200 for the first hour and $50 for each additional hour, but if you offer lower rates, you may get a higher priority.
4. Your contact info, phone and email
5. A social media profile (optional).
6. A resume (optional, your portfolio is 100x more important)

Keep in mind, even if you have an incredible portfolio, we are fairly loyal to our core team. You may need to wait for a need for you to arise.

Send the email to with the subject “Joining the DTX Team”. Follow this guide precisely to prove you have the ability to follow detailed instructions.



We’re only looking for talented and experienced shooters. While the quality of your work is the most important factor. Here are some of the qualities, abilities and knowledge specifics and expectations we will require.

Expectations for everyone:

– A clean professional appearance. (think corporate)
– Polite yet bold social skills: the ability to direct and redirect people, offer critique even if that means saying “suck in your tummy”, to be loud if necessary, gather and take control of groups.. all of which are balanced with respect, friendliness and encouragement.
– Flexibility and a good attitude. Often times events change last minute or run over.
– Creativity balanced with following directions and adhering to a shot list.
– A willingness to go above and beyond to please clientele.
– No client poaching or self promoting while shooting for DTX Media.
– Reliable transportation and ability to hand deliver memory cards or hard drives the same day as the shoot, and or have 50mbps+ internet upload speeds at home.
– A love of Chipotle Mexican Grill. (not required, but you’ll have trouble fitting in otherwise)

Photo specific Expectations

– See “expectations for everyone”
– Off camera flash lighting ability, knowledge and skills (speed lights are fine)
– Balancing flash gels with ambient lighting. Especially CTO / Tungston.
– Ability and understanding to tether capture (with lightroom)
– Professional equipment and a variety of lenses. (For example an f/2.8 200mm)
– Shoot in raw. Always, unless otherwise specified

Video specific expectations

– See “expectations for everyone”
– Professional equipment and a variety of lenses. (For example an f/2.8 200mm)
– Ability to shoot 4k.
– Ability to receive an XLR feed in camera (XLR to 3.5mm adapter acceptable)
– Ability to record at least two audio sources (Left / Right splitter acceptable)
– Wireless Lav mic (always hide the cord!)
– LED panel lighting. (with diffusion options)
– Shoot at 4k resolution 29.97fps flat color space unless otherwise specified

DTX Media crew are all independent contractors. Any other specific positions will require the contractor to have all the tools to do their job. For example, drone operators will need a drone, part 107 license, and insurance while an editor will need a computer that can handle 4k footage, adobe software licenses, and knowledge of that software.


Experience and Training

We don’t provide training at DTX Media, but on a case by case basis, we do allow those who want to provide free assisting to shadow our team in action. Other photographers will let you shadow them as well.

We are often asked about internships, but it is not something we offer right now. Be weary of them, this is an industry that often tries to get “free work for experience”. Don’t buy into it, especially from companies who promise work later on. They’ll just get free work from the next guy and they obviously don’t care about quality.

DTX Media shooters are prestigious and in high demand. We are not a stepping stone, and therefore you will need experience to shoot for DTX Media. Weddings are fairly sufficient, but events are even better. If you need experience, offer your services to companies in need. Non-profits and college campus groups host events or need interviews all the time and are a great place to start, especially if you’re donating to a cause you believe in.

It’s likely that you will have to work with one of our experienced shooters as a second photographer before shooting anything yourself.


Free Video Reel Advice 

If your video reel includes a high school Kill Bill film project where people’s heads are being cut off with blood gushing everywhere.. don’t just don’t. It’s bizarre how often I see this.

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