Step and Repeat Photo Station Service in Dallas, TX

DTX Media’s step and repeat photo station is a wonderful addition to any Dallas / Fort Worth event. We offer turnkey solutions that include a custom-made step-and-repeat backdrop, social and digital sharing, a red-carpet, and optional classy or silly props. Not to be mistaken for a photo booth, our corporate oriented photography stoation experience includes a professional photographer who can accommodate large groups, direct and pose, or even pull in guests as needed. Our photo station is always a hit with event guests, and we’ve received raving reviews from the celebrities who’ve been a part of our red carpet photo stations as well. Our step-and-repeat service can accommodate any shoot that needs individually delivered images on the spot, such as a headshot station.


Professional Photographer

DTX Media’s step-and-repeat photo station uses professional photographers. Guests are greeted as they enter, posed and directed as needed. We can even pull in attendees if needed. The wireless off-camera umbrella diffuses lighting / flashes and makes for beautiful photography. Unlike a box or camera on a tripod, our designated photographer will frame photos according to the people in the shot. They also ensure exposure, focus and lighting are correctly set for each image. 

Ipad / Digital Sharing Station

Most people want a digital copy of their photo. Our iPad station offers just that! We have a two iPad stations set up where guests can browse through their pictures immediately. The app allows users to send and share their photos via email, SMS text message, Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Features can be turned on an off as needed. We’ve found when both options are available, people prefer the digital copy. We ask to use the venue’s internet connection when possible, but have an AT&T network backup that works everywhere in Dallas, Texas.


Find your Dallas Step-and-Repeat
Photo Station Event Photos Here!

Photos are available for download within 24 hours of your event in our online gallery.


Crowd Control Barrier & Red Carpet

Red carpet runways are a really fun way for guests to enter an event and use our photo station service in a creative unique way. This mixed with crown control barriers make for a very classy set up, especially compared to some of the cheesy photo booth alternatives. The crowd control barrier’s chrome stanchion pole and red velvet rope help guide guests and event attendees through the photo station. Crowd control rope barriers can also protect celebrities should a Dallas event venue not have them. If clients need security, we can offer that too. Just ask!

Internet Hotspot

If we can connect to a high speed network, that’s our preference, but some corporate venues charge up to $1000 / mbps of dedicated internet. Other venues have free wifi that’s too slow it’s ineffective. DTX Media solves this issue by supplying our own LTE hotspot with plenty of data to get through the event. In the event we have bad reception in locations outside of Dallas / Fort Worth, our step and repeat photography software allows shared images to be queued in the system until we connect to a reliable internet connection later that evening.


Live Printing

While digital sharing is fun and modern, like our photo station in general, physical prints have a very classic and traditional feel to them. Many people don’t have physical copies of their photos anymore, and a photo station / photo booth is a chance for them to receive one. Guests love to pick them up and take them home. Physical prints can stand alone as a feature or work alongside digital sharing, so guests can get both!

Branding / Graphic Overlays

Our photo station allows graphics or watermarks to be overlaid atop the photograph. The overlay is placed on the image and is applied to both the digital copy and the physical print out. Another common trend for Dallas events is a hashtag. When attendees use the iPad social sharing station to out their image via email or text or social media, clients can include a custom message, link and or hashtag.




Dallas Photo Station Pricing 


Base Package – $1200

– Designated photographer
– Photo Station Assistant
– Two iPads for digital sharing
– Internet Hotspot Provided
– Live Printing
– Props (if desired)
– Standard white backdrop
– OR client provided backdrop
– Up to 3 hours coverage

Standard Turnkey package – $1500

– Designated photographer
– Photo Station Assistant
– Two iPads for digital sharing
– Internet Hotspot Provided
– Live Printing
– Props (if desired)
– Custom 8×10 vinyl backdrop
– 10 day backdrop turn around
– Medium 3×15 red carpet
– Up to 3 hours coverage


Deluxe Turnkey Package – $2000

– Designated photographer
– Photo Station Assistant
– Two iPads for digital sharing
– Internet Hotspot Provided
– Live Printing
– Props (if desired)
– Custom 8×12 vinyl backdrop
– 2 day Backdrop turn around
– Extra Large 6×15 Red Carpet
– Crowd Control Stanchions Ropes
– Up to 4 hours Coverage

Add ons
$200 – Each additional hour on site
$200 – Crowd Control Stanchions
$50 – Medium 3×12 Red Carpet
$100 – Extra Large 6×15 Red Carpet
$800 – “Full Day” Add on
(4-5 extra hours)
$1800 – Additional 8hour “days”
(no tear down between days)

Custom Backgrounds
$250 – Custom 8×10 or 8×8 Vinyl
$300 – Custom 8×12 Vinyl
$350 – 2 day turn around
$200 – 5 day turn around




Dallas Step and Repeat Background Options


Custom Backdrop / Backgrounds

Along with our photo station, we offer a custom made step and repeat backdrops, perfect for brand recognition. We will design and create the custom backdrop with your logo and guidance. Typically, clients want a simple design such as repeated logos, but we can design anything you need. With option expedited printing shipping, we can have a backdrop at your event within 2 days after you approve the design.

Green Screen

With our green screen backdrop, we can put in any digital background of your choice. This process is done in real time, and can be printed or digitally shared on the spot. Custom backdrops are always the way to go for corporate events, as a green screen is designed to be fun and silly, not realistic or convincing. Backdrops must be licensed images. You can purchase them at a stock site or perhaps find a free one here.


Photo Station Set-Ups


Efficiency Set-Up:

Our streamline and efficient set-up utilizes a designated professional photographer and two digital sharing iPads to create the fastest step and repeat / photo station you’ll find anywhere! Our efficiency set-up is perfect for high-traffic events and large groups as it enables short lines and multiple people to share their photos simultaneously. The efficiency set-up is also ideal when celebrities or high-profile individuals may be posing with guests, as it maximizes use of their time. The efficiency set-up is even possible with green-screen backgrounds when every photo has the same artificial background edited in. To create the fastest photo stations, we suggest passing on both props and printing, and using the texting feature for digital sharing rather than email or social media.


Traditional Set-Up: (for advanced options)

A traditional set-up is required with certain advanced options, such as multiple artificial background choices, multiple lines of data collection, and / or guest surveys. With these options, the guest / user works with a single touch screen computer and must complete the entire process (choosing a background, entering data, sharing the image) before the next guest can get their photo taken. There is no additional charge for this set-up or these features. They simply slow down the process.



Additional Services


Video Booth / Video Station

Along with our Dallas photo station, we also offer a video station or video booth. With a step and repeat, we can shoot red-carpet interviews, like the image shown above of Allen West. We can mic and film celebrities posing with our step and repeat photo station. Or we can set up a small video booth for confession or reality show style interviews. We have lights, microphones and everything you need for a video booth.

Data Collection & Surveys

DTX Media has the ability to capture data from guests and attendees.  Email is the easiest and fastest form of data capture and can be captured with our fast efficiency set up . We can also include and conduct surveys for guests, but this requires a slower paced “traditional” set up.


Corporate Event Photo and Video

Our Dallas photo stations are often set-up at corporate events and functions. In addition to our Photo Booth services we also offer corporate event photography and videography. See our event video and photography page for more.


Our photo stations are the perfect addition to weddings. DTX Media is primarily a Dallas commercial / corporate photography and video firm. That said, we also service weddings through our sister company DTX Weddings. Learn more about our wedding video and photography services.



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