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DTX Media is a full-service professional video production company in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas that specializes in interview videography in addition to corporate events, training videos and more. Interviews are a critical and important part of many productions, and we do them right! We focus not only on great lighting and superior audio, but also on creating a comfortable relaxed environment for the interviewee.

We offer all kinds of interviews ranging from a sit-down conversation to a mobile journalist with a wireless microphone asking questions, to an instructional or how-to video, to even a confessional-type video booth you may see at a Dallas corporate event. Interviews can stand alone or they can be mixed with b-roll video footage, or even accompanied with photography such as portraits. Above is our Dallas Interview Video sample reel which includes multiple types of interviews and services DTX Media can provide. They include off-camera formal ‘sit-down’ interviews, ‘run and gun’ style interviews, ‘talking head’ videos, multiple people, Spanish interviews, client testimonies, and green screen interviews all with or without a teleprompter. Learn more about these types of interviews below.


Types of Interviews


Formal ‘Sit Down’ Interviews

Formal interviews are the type where we have a reserved space / room and the interviewee sits or stands. These two-camera set ups include professional LED lighting and professional audio capture with a wireless lavaliere microphone and a boom mic as a backup. The above interview is for Stryker Inc based in Dallas, Texas. The subjects are speaking candidly looking ‘off-camera’ and the edit mixes in a variety of b-roll content. The interview videos were framed to show the product as the backdrop. See our product photography page.

‘Run and Gun’ Interviews

While formal interviews are scheduled and set up in advance, run-and-gun interviews are done on the fly with a single camera. Run and gun interviews are typically shot at events and red carpets with a handheld microphone. These types of interviews will often have activity in the background. We do not set up lights on run-and-guns, but in dark settings, we can mount a 300 LED panel light to the top of our camera. The above sample is an event highlight video from a Top Golf Kids Zone tournament in Dallas / Fort Worth. In the sample, we shot run and gun style interviews with clip-on lav mics mixed and edited with b-roll footage and music.


‘Talking Head’ Interviews

A ‘talking head’ is not a term we coined. It describes a person on video who addresses the camera and is viewed in close-up. The above clip shot for ISMG in Dallas, Texas is the perfect example. Often times teleprompters can be used to ensure lines are delivered perfectly.  Talking head videos can be short or long. For long videos we like to be able to make cuts, either to a zoomed in angle or a side / off camera angle. We can also cut to b-roll like in this company profile video we created for the Marriage Place.

Multi-Person ‘interactive’ Interviews

The typical formal interview has two people, but the one asking the questions is off camera. A multi-person interview is anytime two or more people are interacting on camera. This can be as simple as a two-person discussion like the example above or a 4-person panel  / round table discussion. While our videographers can handle a lot independently, interviews with more than one person on camera require a film team / crew of two or more.


Mobile Studio Set-up for Interview Video

A beautiful woman sits for interviews in front of a pure white backdrop with lights, cameras, microphones and Dallas videographers surrounding her. This shows DTX Media's professional video production mobile studio set-up.

While we can rent a studio space in Dallas, we typically function as a mobile studio. That means we bring our entire set-up on site to our clients, anywhere in DFW, and we also serve all of Texas including Austin, San Antonio, Houston and even Oklahoma.

We ask for a room at least 15x15ft with a power supply, and we can handle the rest. In the behind the scenes photo above, we’ve set up our 10ft white backdrop, carefully lit by to be pure white.  In the behind-the-scenes photo below, we set up in a restaurant balanced with an ambient or “natural” background composed of bar lights and wine cabinets. Of course, unlike the BTS image, the camera angle does not have a reflection in the shot. For shoots of this size, all our videographers are qualified to function also as a DP (Director of Photography).

We always recommend a crew for interviews to ensure our highest quality, multiple camera monitoring, and time efficiency both during and in between interviews. Most people we interview are important or high profile individuals whose time is of greater value than the cost of an additional crew member. A two-man crew is required for any interviews that include a green screen, multiple people, a slider or the use of a teleprompter. However, in some cases, the teleprompter can be operated by the client while a single videographer operates the cameras.

A behind the scenes look at DTX Media, a Dallas Interview Company filming. A man is sitting at a table for interviews with video lights and camcorders pointing at him.



Interview Video Prices:


DTX Crew Member:
$700 – Half Day Videographer (up to 4 hours on site including set-up)
$1200 – Full Day Videographer (up to 8 hours on site including set-up)
$200 – Additional Videographer hours (after day rate of 8 hours)

**See what basic equipment is included below**
*Our videographers can function as one or more of the following:
Director, DP, Gaffer, Cam Op and Audio Tech

Post Production:
$100 – Bulk Video Editing Hourly Rate (8 or more hours)
$150 – Video Editing Hourly Rate (less than 8 hours)
$200 – Each licensed music track
$500 – Up to 3 minutes of voiceover
$100 – Additional voice over minute
$200 – Stock Video Clips (each)

** Typically 1 day of shooting requires 2 days of editing.
** Multiple deliverables typically require more time in post.

Basic Video Equipment:
Included – Basic Professional Cameras (Sony a7III or comparable)
Included – Basic Professional Lenses (G / GM, L Series & Primes)
Included – Tripods with professional fluid video heads.
$200 – Basic Professional Audio (Wireless lav mic and or boom)
$200 – Basic Professional Light Kit (x5 300-900 LED panels + soft boxes)
$200 – Basic Cinematic Motion Tools (SLR sized Gimbal or Slider)
$200 – Teleprompter (requires an operator, can be client or interviewee)

Advanced Video Equipment:
$500 – Advanced Audio (mixer, multiple mics, and amplification)
$800 – Advanced Light Kit (Kino Flo or equivalent, flags, diffsion, etc)
$800 – Advanced Camera (4k 10-bit 4:2:2 | FS7, C300 mkII or similar)
$1200 – Cine Camera (RED or ARRI complete kits)
$500 – Cine Lens (Cine lenses or Cinema lenses)
*Advanced Audio, Light Kit and Cine Camera require dedicated crew.

In a DTX Media video studio, Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys, stands in front of a green screen backdrop and reads from a teleprompter. This is a behind the scenes look at the video production so there are cameras, tripods, monitors, mics in the foreground.



Interview Gear (No additional Charge)

Our setup includes 2 cameras, lighting, audio and upon request: a backdrop, slider, teleprompter, or external monitor. The set-up time is about an hour. This means if we are scheduled to arrive at 2pm, we can start filming at 3pm. The set-up time is considered one of our hours on-site, but tear down is not charged. While gear is provided at no additional charge, we do need to know in advance what our clients need. See our guidelines page that our shooters follow.



A close up picture of a video production camera lens.

The exact camera depends on the videographer(s) we send, but each system is at minimum a professional DSLRs with EOS glass. This is often time a Sony A7 Series, a Lumix GH, a Canon 5D or equivalent. Upon request we can typically shoot with a Sony fs700, fs5 and can accommodate 4k resolution or s-log. Other specific requests, such as Apple Pro Res or systems like the RED or AARI Alexa are available for an additional charge.


A close up photograph of a 600 panel LED professional video light.

Our light kits are specially modified 600 LED panel professional video lights paired with diffusion soft boxes. They can be controlled by an IR remote to deliver consistent settings between interviews without tampering. We can gel or adjust them to match the orange CTO / Tungston ambient lighting, or they can light the entire scene. Up to 4 lights are included at no charge. A 300 LED Panel light can be used on top of the Run and Gun rig.


A macro image of a lapel microphone sitting on the edge of a video production laptop

Our audio is primarily derived from a wireless lavaliere mic system. We use professional systems such as Sennheiser, Audio Technica, or Rode. These mics feed directly into the camera where it is monitored with headphones, and can be adjusted in real time by our camera operator accordingly. We almost always supply a secondary audio source as a backup, this is typically by a Rode boom microphone, but a shotgun mic may be used in some circumstances.

Tripods & Stands

A behind the scenes look at a professional video production mobile studio at a Dallas Fort Worth hotel. Set up for interviews by DTX Media.

Tripods and heads, light stands, monitor stands, boom stands and arm, gaff tape for wires and sand bags (if necessary) are all in included in our day rates. Many production companies in Dallas, Texas will charge you for these pieces of gear. We use fluid heads when capturing any panning shots and we can even use a slider at no additional charge! Slider work during interviews requires a dedicated crew member, while an individual videographer can handle b-roll slider work.



A white backdrop sitting in front of bricks with video lights illuminating it.

We can provide a grey, white or green backdrop at no additional charge. Our backdrops are 10 ft wide seamless paper or cloth. Custom backdrops (shown in the talking head and multi-person sample videos above are available for an additional price. See our prices or step and repeat page.


A blond woman stand in front of an airplane and looking into the camera as she reads from a teleprompter.

Many interviews are scripted, and more should be. Our teleprompter displays scrolling words at any speed and or text size from a tablet. The teleprompter can be placed directly in front of the camera lens without impact the picture. A teleprompter does require an operator. This can be either the client or a second crew member.

Green Screen

The DTX Media video crew: Michael and Jonny, posing in front of a green screen with Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl champion Troy Aikman on-set.

While we always recommend a natural background for interviews, we can shoot on a green screen. A green screen allows us to place any background of your choice behind the subject.  Because of the complex nature of green screen video, a crew of two is required. See more at our Green Screen Video page.

External monitor

The view from an external monitor as former Dallas Cowboys lineman sits for an interview video.

An external monitor is a simple yet crucial piece of equipment / gear. They are ideal for clients who want to monitor what is being filmed, and also nice to make extra sure we have focus locked in. Systems such as Odyssey7Q or Showgun are available for an additional charge. 



Additional Video Production Services


B-Roll Videography in Dallas

B-roll refers to “extra” video taken other than the direct subject. B-roll video is frequently used with interviews to add to the production value by cutting away from the person talking. Not only can this make an interview more intriguing or tell a visual story, it allows for imperfections such as stuttered words to be removed seamlessly, especially with the addition of a second camera.


Testimonials are a unique type of interview and a common request. Testimonials can be anything from a story to a client review, candid or scripted. Testimonials can be shot as talking heads, formal interviews, multi-person or even run-and-gun. Above is a video shot at the Gladney Center for Adoption in Dallas / Fort Worth. The 2 camera edit tells a narrative and mixes in several b-roll shots.


Corporate Events

Veterans Day event hosted by GrayWolves at its facility just north of Dallas, Texas. Here we filmed the stage and a run and gun interview. See our event photography and video.

Training Videos

Training videos often have interviews. DTX Media provides full service / turn key training video solutions. See our training videos page.

Headshots & Portraits

Portrait of a Texas man standing in the company's office.

DTX Media is a full-service photography and video production company, which means that you don’t need to hire a separate company if you want to add on photography to the video shoot.  See more on our head shots and commercial portraits page.

Translation Services

The above interview is Spanish. We can film and edit Spanish interviews. We can also source interpreters to provide sub-captions for interviews in nearly every major language, or even provide voice overs.





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