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Corporate Events – Conferences – Seminars – B-roll – Trade Shows – Panels – Guest Speakers

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Facebook and YouTube Webcasting – Zoom and Skype Conferencing – Pre-Recorded Broadcasts

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Trade Shows – Fundraisers – Red Carpet – Concerts – Parties – Corporate Events and Conferences

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Wireless Lav, Handheld and Podium Microphones, Amplification Speakers, Recording Feed to Cameras and Live Streams

Clients and Companies DTX Media has shot for:

DTX Media provides both photography and video production for corporate events in the Dallas, Texas area. We can broadcast / stream live feeds to the internet and cut between multiple camera angles. We can provide or sync with another professional audio feed, capture b-roll, interviews, time-lapses and even aerials. Lastly, we can make a beautiful highlight video to encompass the entire event, editing to licensed music with audio overlays. See the multiple samples below.

Dallas Event Video Production | Highlight Samples

B-roll Content Capture

B-roll is the extra footage DTX Media captures to enrich a story or event highlight and to have greater flexibility when editing. Instead of featuring only talking heads on video, we can cut away to b-roll, which adds dimension to the final video. Above is a compilation of b-roll video from a trade show event in Dallas. Every event highlight video sample above will have b-roll integrated.


Similar to b-roll, interviews enhance a video. They can be shot supplementary, or if the event does not have speakers, the interviews can provide the base layer for the entire video. You can see where DTX Media used interviews integrated into Dallas event highlight videos in several samples above. DTX Media also shoots interviews independent of corporate events. See our interview page.


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Ceremonies, ground breaking, ribbon cutting, and more Dallas event video production.


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Dallas / Fort Worth aka DFW is a hotspot for large conferences. Let us cover your event video or photography.

Trade Shows

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Corporate events, exhibitions, trade shows and other event video in Dallas, TX.


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Covering both personal and corporate parties, companies gatherings and misc social events in Dallas.

Dallas Live Video Production & Streaming Services

Live Events

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Dallas event video and audio streaming / livestream to platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. We can webcast to nearly any platform.


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We can push any content ‘live’ during a broadcast, include pre-recorded messages or videos. This can be a cut-away feature video, an intro or an entire broadcast.


Live and multi-person interactive video solutions and quality improvements using popular applications such as Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Live Video

Multiple Cameras


Our live video mixer allows for up to four camera feeds and can be controlled by an iPad or computer. Clients can even help direct the live production. We have mixer options with more feeds as well.

Media Integration

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In our Dallas Live Steam Video Services, we can integrate a multitude of different medias. This includes a splash screen or a countdown clock, a webpage, pre-recorded videos, surveys and more.

Professional Home Conferencing Studio


web conferencing before

This is a before image a client sent us of their at-home web-conferencing space during the Covid-19 pandemic of Spring 2020. The image is from a top-of-the-line webcam, but is still seriously lacking in quality. See the next image to see how we improved it.

Pricing (Basic Kit) – $4000

$1500 – Pro Camera and Audio
Includes camera, lens, mount / stand, power supply, USB video converter for conferencing / zoom calls, shotgun microphone, SD card. Camera (SONY ZV1) features include continuous recording, eye autofocus, background deblurring, and even an option ‘beauty filter’ for skin softening.

$600 – Pro Lighting
One 900 LED panel video light (+ a fill light depending on space) and diffusion.
$1900 – Labor / Install / Tutorial


Screen Shot 2020 05 05 at 3.11.14 PM

Here’s the look after DTX Media assisted and consulted this client to improve their home studio. We added a professional camera and lens with a nice shallow depth of field. We improved the lighting to help separate the background and added a boom mic to significantly improve the audio.

The president of the company now confidently uses this space to make frequent company-wide addresses. This set also integrates with Zoom, Skype, Webex and other conferencing solutions.

Contact us about editing an intro and outro to your home-recorded videos.

Studio Install

champ studio 1
champ studio 2

The photos above are of a permanent mini studio DTX Media installed from scratch for one of our Dallas clients. The client uses this studio space for conferencing, company addresses and internal training videos. This demonstrates the absolute smallest space we can create a green screen environment in, and we designed the studio around space efficiency, utilizing five flat panel LEDs with pop-up diffusion. We set up an iPad as a teleprompter, a boom mic, and even installed acoustic foam on the walls. Let us know if you’re interested in doing something like this.

Event Photography

Event Photographers in Dallas

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In addition to Dallas event photography, DTX Media also offers event video in Dallas / Fort Worth. We offer live steaming video services in Dallas, as well as event highlight videos. Event video production can integrate b-roll, interviews, media and slides, pre-recorded videos and more. Our Dallas videographers are top notch. Scroll up the page or click the image above to jump to our event video portfolio.

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DTX Media offers a unique red carpet step-and-repeat service with a dedicated photographer with our Dallas event photography services. It’s similar to a photo booth or photo station, but professionally oriented. We can provide the background and iPads so guests can send themselves their image immediately on site with a custom message. There’s so much we can do, from overlay images with logos, and we can also save user data if clients desire. See our step-and-repeat services page.

Shows and Performances

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Concerts, performances, fashion shows and etc are all events that DTX Media provides photography and video for in Dallas, TX.

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Dallas event photography and video can often be amplified by adding a time-lapse. This is the art of taking photos over a long duration and playing them back at a frame rate that looks like super high speed.

Dallas Industrial Photography and Video

Dallas A/V Rental

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DTX Media’s audio installation typically takes about an hour and a half. Our standard pricing includes two speakers /subwoofer rentals, and two microphones. You can have 2 lav mics, 2 handheld mics or one of each. Our advanced options are endless.

Event DJ Dallas

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Whether you just need background music, or you’re having a dance party, we provide corporate event DJ services. We place an emphasis on appropriate audio levels as to not blast away your guests.

Conference Panels

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Multiple people on stage for discussions, often with a moderator. For audio, we can mic everyone, either with lavs or table mics, or have a couple microphones to pass around to keep crosstalk to a minimum.

Mobile Live Audio Production in Dallas

DTX Media is a Dallas Video Production company that provides mobile live audio production services and other supplemental A/V services in Dallas, targeted toward corporate events. Our services are ideal for meeting rooms, stages and presentations that need amplified sound, but don’t have built in audio equipment. Our mobile audio / sound equipment is not just a rental service where we set-up and leave. Instead, it includes an experienced professional audio technician on site during any speaking to control the outputs of the microphones, manage music if necessary, and make sure you don’t get that horrendous feedback. We serve all of Dallas / Fort Worth.

The event highlight video above is from a grand opening / ribbon cutting ceremony in Irving Las Colinas, Texas that took place in a cafeteria. Our client needed A / V services, including audio equipment rental, as well as video production in a location that did not have a PA system or sound equipment built in. DTX Media provided the microphones, speakers and other included sound equipment as well as our video production services for this DFW event. This particular example includes a lot of b-roll, mostly of people talking. We also took testimonial interviews with people talking into a microphone, not shown in the highlight sample. We have also significantly upgraded our audio equipment since this event!

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DTX Media’s Commerical Photography and Video Prices in Dallas


Lead Photographer:
$600 – Half Day Photographer (up to 4 hours on site including set-up)
$1000 – Full Day Photographer (up to 8 hours on site including set-up)
$200 – Additional Photographer hours (after day rate of 8 hours)

Photo Assistant:
$300 – Half Day Assistant (up to 4 hours on site including set-up)
$500 – Full Day Assistant (up to 8 hours on site including set-up)

Photo Equipment:
Included – Basic Pro Camera (APS-C or full frame 24MP and up)
$100 – Camera Upgrade Level 1 – Full frame
42MP or greater
$200 – Camera Upgrade Level 2 – Full frame 61MP (a7rIV)

Video Crew

$700 – Half Day Videographer (up to 4 hours on site including set-up)
$1200 – Full Day Videographer (up to 8 hours on site including set-up)
$250 – Additional Videographer hours (after day rate of 8 hours)

*Our videographers can function as one or more of the following:
Director, DP, Gaffer, Cam Op and Audio Tech

Production Assistant:
$300 – Half Day Assistant (up to 4 hours on site including set-up)
$500 – Full Day Assistant (up to 8 hours on site including set-up)

** Crew rates are applicable to nearly all DTX Media services including events, interviews, training videos and more.
** See what equipment prices below

Video Equipment

Basic Video Equipment:
Included – Basic Pro Cameras (4k ASP-C or greater 8-bit 4:2:0)
Included – Basic Professional Lenses (G / GM, L Series & Primes)
Included – Tripods with professional fluid video heads.
$200 – Basic Professional Audio (Wireless lav mic and or boom)
$200 – Basic Professional Light Kit (900 LED panels + diffusion)
$200 – Basic Cinematic Motion Tools (SLR sized Gimbal or Slider)
$200 – Teleprompter (requires an operator, can be client or interviewee)

Advanced Video Equipment:
$200 – Camera Upgrade (4k 10-bit 4:2:2 Full Frame | a7sIII or r5)
$500 – Advanced Audio (mixer, multiple mics, and amplification)
$800 – Advanced Lighting (Aperture or Kino Flo or equivalent and mods)
$800 – Advanced Camera (FS7, C300 mkII or similar)
$1200 – Cine Camera (RED or ARRI complete kits)
$500 – Cine Lens (Cine lenses or Cinema lenses)
*Advanced Audio, Advance Lighting and Cine Camera require dedicated crew.

Video Editing:
$100 – Basic Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: sync, cut, color)
$150 – Advanced Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: animation)

$200 – Each licensed music track
$500 – Up to 3 minutes of voiceover
$100 – Additional voice over minute
$200 – Stock Video Clips (each)

** Typically 1 day of shooting requires 2 days of editing.
** Multiple deliverables typically require more time in post.
** Additional fees for needs such as voiceovers, music licensing, etc.

Video Editing:
$100 – Basic Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: sync, cut, color)
$150 – Advanced Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: animation)

$200 – Each licensed music track
$500 – Up to 3 minutes of voiceover
$100 – Additional voice over minute
$200 – Stock Video Clips (each)

** Typically 1 day of shooting requires 2 days of editing.
** Multiple deliverables typically require more time in post.
** Additional fees for needs such as voiceovers, music licensing, etc.

Mobile Audio Pricing

$700 – Half Day Audio Tech (up to 4 hours on site including set-up)
$1200 – Full Day Audio Tech (up to 8 hours on site including set-up)

$500 — Advanced Audio Gear
– Two Speakers / Subwoofers
– Up to 6 Wireless Mics (2lav or 4handheld)
– Sound / Mixing Board
– Input(s) for phones or laptops (including iPhone)
– Multiple Outputs for additional speakers, press, interpreters, etc.
– Simple Ambient Music Playlist

Corporate Video in Dallas including Events, Interviews, Green Screen. We provide the crew, cameras, lights, mics and any other required gear.

$700 – Half Day Crew Member (up to 4 hours on site including set up)
$1200 – Full Day Crew Member (4-8 hours on site including set up)
$250 / h – Additional Hours
$350 – Advanced day site visit / scouting or test

*Crew member can be a switcher operator, a camera op, director, etc
*Advanced site visit and test is required for most jobs.
*A 2 hour set-up is required on the day of the job.

$300 – Video Mixer (4 channels)
Included – First Camera w/ Wireless Transmitter
$200 – Each Additional Camera w/ Wireless Transmitter

$2000 / day – LTE Internet Up to 50GB (requires advanced visit)
$200 – PowerPoint Slide Integration
$200 – Lower Third Graphics
$100 – Delivery of Final Video and or Raw ISO Content
Contact Us – Pre-Recorded Videos and / or Advanced Content Prep

Video Conferencing – Rental

Zoom Cloud, Skype, Etc.

$700 – Half Day Crew Member (up to 4 hours on site including set up)
$1200 – Full Day Crew Member (4-8 hours on site including set up)

$100 – Laptop w/ light
$300 – 27” Desktop w/ light
$300 – Video Mixer 4 channels (for multi-cam and pre-recorded content)

Free – Built in webcam w/ mini light
$200 – Pro camera w/ uncompressed 4K recording.
$500 – PTZ camera (pan tilt zoom, remotely controlled)

$100 – Green screen (individual)
$100 – Pro audio lav mic
$200 – Pro lighting
$100 – PowerPoint or slide integration
$200 – 32” tv monitor
$100 – Teleprompter

Ask us about permanent install solutions!

Studio Permanent Install

$1500 – Day rate / crew member (install and train)
$900 – Half day rate / crew member (install and train)

$800 – Web Camera Level 2 (pan tilt shift)
$1000 – Pro Camera Level 1 (APS-c 8-bit)
$2200 – Pro Camera Level 2 (10bit 4:2:2)
$900 – Lens Level 1 (fixed focal length f/2.8 or lower)
$2000 – Lens Level 2 (low f/stop, zoom lens or etc)
$200 – Tripod Level 1 – typical tripod not meant for panning.
$600 – Tripod Level 3 – fluid head for panning, twin legs, middle spread, wheels

Pro Lighting
$250 – Pro Lighting Level 1 (x2 LED single light w/ stand)
$2000 – Pro Lighting Level 2 (x5 LEDs, softboxs, diffusion)

Pro Audio
$400 – Boom Audio Level 1 (includes boom stand and cables)
$250 – Lav Audio Level 1 (1 speaker)
$600 – Lav Audio Level 2 (2 speakers)

$1000 – Computer (Mac mini)
$250 – External portable monitor
$250 – Teleprompter Level 1
$800 – Teleprompter Level 2 (remotes, larger cams)
$450 – iPad (for teleprompter and or sidecar)
$900 – iPad Pro (for teleprompter and or sidecar)
$350 – HDMI Web Cam Adapter Level 1 (single camera)
$700 – HDMI Web Cam Adapter Level 2 (multi-cam)

Studio & Backdrop
$250 – Green Screen Mini pop-up (includes stands)
$500 – Green Screen Large 9ft (includes stands)
$600 – Interchangeable Backdrop 9ft (up to 3 colors)
$100 – Extension cords and Surge Protectors
$150 – Foam sound insulation (4 panels)

*prices are estimates and subject to change based on clients exact needs.