Product Photographers and Video Production in Dallas, TX

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Product Photography in Dallas Bluejay Smart Watch

Products, Online Commerce, Manufacturing, Amazon, 360 Virtual Objects, Studio, editing, etc

fo07 dallas food photography 1

Culinary, Food and Beverage Photography, Video, Restaurants, Menus, etc

fa03 dallas fashion photographer

Clothing, Accessories, Merchandising, Retail, Glamour, Lifestyle.

Clients and Companies DTX Media has shot for:

We offer Amazon compliance product photography for catalogs (catalogues) or other purposes in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Products include everything from microchips to fashion lines. We’re very familiar with’s standards and requirements and upon request will adhere exactly to them at no additional charge other than the typical necessary clipping.

Dallas Product Photography Portfolio – Amazon Approved

Clipping & Background Transparency

dallas amazon product photography

Clipping is the post-production process of removing the background from the image. The end result is similar to what a green screen does, but with much more care and dedication given to each image. This is how we accomplish the pure white background that looks so clean for websites, Amazon or other online retailers and e-commerce. When you get clipping with your photography, in most cases, you will also receive a copy of the product photos in PNG format with a transparent background, so you can easily make the the background any color you need. The checkerboard pattern in the photo above is what photoshop uses to illustrate transparency. Clipping is included for free in all our product pricing!


Above is a before and after photo of a wine bottle with reflections removed. It is very important that products appear their best in photos. We have two editing options. Basic editing: remove blemishes, add a shadow or reflection below the product, add a background, etc. Advanced editing: ghosting – when a shirt is formed to a person but shows the back of it, removing reflections on glass products or jewelry, etc.

Amazon Compliance

amazon product photography dallas

DTX Media is very familiar with Amazon’s image standards and compliance regulations. We will deliver images that meet and exceed online retail criteria and even give suggestions on how to display, shoot and present your products to be more effective at selling! Some of Amazon requirements include a main image with an RGB 255, 255, 255 background, a pixel dimension above 1000px on the longer side, product isolation and 85% or higher product image fill (in addition to many other regulations). But you don’t even need to worry about that! We handle it all. In addition to the technical aspects, Amazon also requires professional lighting and photography, and will remove listings that don’t comply. DTX Media has the absolute best product photographers in Dallas, and you can have peace of mind knowing your products will not be banned from what is arguably the most important online retailer you could be a part of.

Ghosting and Colorizing

Ghosting is the term used when the back of the shirt is shown, tags and all, as if a ghost were wearing it. This process requires us to photograph both the shirt stylized on a figure and laid flat to have a template to use when editing the transparent area. Ghosting can be done from a model or a mannequin. A model always yields better results and drives more sales from consumers. Colorization is the post-production process of taking a photograph and changing its color. This process is ideal for products with multiple color varieties as it creates a beautiful, consistent look. In many cases, the process may cost less than if each color was individually photographed. Our colorization process is very advanced and precise.

Dallas Virtual Object Photography

360 Product Photography in Dallas

What is virtual object photography:
Virtual objects are product photos that can be views and rotated with the scroll of a mouse or touch of a finger on devices such as tablet. They allow users to interact with the products and view them from any angle. While shooting products, we can take 360 degree views to be used to create an interactive virtual object like the one shown here. This example a heated pouch for one of our clients, G-tech Apparel. This was shot on a single perspective, but we can create multi-level views to be able to look up and down.

How we shoot 360 Product Photography:
Our virtual object photography consist of 32 images shot on a motorized turn table at 11.25 degree intervals. Each images is clipped to have a pure white background, or even a transparent background.

Web Integration:
A 360 virtual object is not a singular file like a PNG, JPG or MOV. Rather a collection of files integrated with into a website in our case via HTML5 wordpress plug-in. We deliver the 32 images (or more) but it’s up to the webmaster to integrate. DTX Media, LLC provide basic webmaster services @$100/ h to integrate it for you.

$150 – 360 Degree Virtual Object photography (up to 32 images) – ADD ON PRICE
$100 / hour – basic webmaster services such as virtual object integration or e-commerce.

Product Videos in Dallas, TX


dallas product photography for access physicians of a women helping a patient in a hospital room and the doctor on screen in the background.

In addition to product photography, we also offer editorial and advertising photography. Nothing helps sell a product better than seeing how it’s used. The above example shows a Skype-like doctor terminal and applications for the product in a hospital. Product photos in their environment are also allowed on Amazon, but must be used as ‘support images’ and not the feature image. The above example shows the product cut-out or “clipped” next to the product “in-use.” Amazon would accept both these images and simply require the image on the right to be the featured image. See more examples on our Dallas Advertising Photography portfolio page.

four models posing

Often times models are needed for fashion, accessory or lifestyle photos to show how products are used. DTX Media is part of a network where we can source non-agency models at a one-time friendly, flat day rate. Supply us with a gender, ethnicity, and age preference, and we’ll do the rest. We try to provide our models lunch, a makeup artist and a copy of the images for their portfolio whenever possible. DTX Media can also provide the makeup artist for a flat rate.

Photography and Video Studio Options

Studio Rental

product photo shoot dallas studio

DTX Media is not a photography studio, but we have access to studios in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. If you do not need a full-blown studio, we can rent an office and set-up our mobile studio there. We are part of the Regus network, which allows us to rent day-offices all over the DFW metro, Texas and the world. This is a great option for customers who want to be hands-on for the shoot. Of course, we can come to you or shoot on our own time for a discount. See “Mobile Studio” and “Drop Off”.

Mobile Studio

01 mobile product studio dallas

We can bring our studio set-up to your Dallas or Fort Worth office, warehouse or other facilities. The mobile product studio includes (as needed) multiple stationary lights with diffusion, saw horse tables, a bottom-lit lightbox, and a product box for our Dallas product photography.

Drop Off / Ship to Us

product photographer dallas_002

If the items are relatively small, you can ship them to us at our Dallas location. We’ll photograph, edit and return the items in a reasonable timeline. If you’re in the Dallas area and you don’t want to ship precious prototypes, you can also hand-deliver your products directly to us and pick them up. We offer a discounted rate for items dropped off to be shot ‘on our time’.

Dallas Food and Beverage Photography & Video Production

Food Photography Portfolio

DTX Media is a Dallas video production and commercial photographer firm that specializes in culinary and food photography, beverage and drink photography and even desserts. Our background includes product photography, advertising and editorial, and we understand the difference between a nice image of a plate and a photograph that makes people want to buy and eat that food! We love to engage users and enter a human element when possible. You’ll notice our artistic style in the portfolio above may include hands grabbing from a shared table, drinks being poured, or a steak being cut into.

The Photography Process

food photography behind the scenes

The process for photographing food is very meticulous and precise, even when the images are intentionally “messy”. While there are many factors, it’s best to anticipate to be able to shoot 1 plate an hour. Compared to others, many technical considerations have been made to ensure food shoots go as smoothly as possible. Food stylists and experienced veteran advertising and marketing personnel have raved over our intelligent process, including the use stationary video-style lighting with optional color accent gels instead of strobes or flashes so that the client and designer can see in real time what each plate will look like on our included 19″ external video monitor. The photo above shows a behind the scenes look at a shoot for Mi Cocina in Dallas, Texas.

Food Designer / Food Stylist

dallas food designer

The expertise and visual impact a professional food stylist or designer brings to a photography shoot is immeasurable. We pretty much insist that one be included in every photography shoot. We have several stylists we like to use in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and can provide our own, or work with one you provide. Take a look at the snap-shot examples above to see the difference between a stand-in plate and a plate made by a stylist.

Dallas Beverage Photography

fo04 dallas food and beverage photography 1

DTX Media provides drink and beverage photography in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Beverage photography can be one of the most difficult forms of photography, from condensation, to glass reflections, to liquid visual distortion.  You’re going to want an expert to capture your drinks, and that’s where we come in!

Menu and cut-out images

Product photography on a menu 1

DTX Media created the photography for the entire Pollo Regio Menu. The photos were clipped to a transparent background to uniformity. See their menu at

Editorial image of bread and Martini

Many times food photography is advertising photography. DTX Media is a professional advertising photography firm, and while we shoot culinary photography and video, we’re also able to provide beautiful editorial and advertising photography or even provide coverage of an event at your restaurant.

product Food Photogapher packaging dallas

Food photography and product photography go hand in hand, but the process for products is very different. See our Dallas product photography page to see more.

dallas food and architecture photographer

Many times restaurants will need more than just pictures of their food. In many cases, they need the restaurant itself. DTX Media is not only a Dallas food photography firm, we do it all, even video. Above is a restaurant interior photograph of a remodeled Chili’s Bar and Grill at the Grapevine Mills Mall just outside of Dallas, Texas. We made a time-lapse of the remodel and took architectural photography of the interior as well. Click the links to learn more about these services.

Dallas food and portrait photography

The above photo is an editorial commercial portrait at the food establishment Taco Diner in Dallas, Texas. In addition to food and product photography and video, DTX Media offers headshots and corporate portraits in the DFW area.

Dallas Fashion Photography and Video

Dallas Fashion, Lifestyle and Glamour Photography

Post Production | Catalog

Fashion Product Photography Editing three dresses
Man modeling smart watch product
Fashion runway woman dfw
Behind the Scenes dallas video production studio
Fashion glamour barn photography
Fashion Products Montage

DTX Media’s Product Photography and Video Prices in Dallas

Product Photography


Amazon Approved Product and Catalog Photography with clipping, advanced editing, models and more

$600 Half Day + $5 / image – (clipping included)
$1000 Full Day + $5 / image – (clipping included)
($100) – Drop off DISCOUNT (for products smaller than 2’x2′)

Optional Add-Ons:
$5 / image — Basic Retouching (touch-up, add a shadow, etc)
$2 / image — Custom File Renaming (such as SKU, name, or color)
$25 / image — Basic editing (colorization, montages, text overlay)
$40 / image — Advanced editing (such as ghosting or infographics)
$100 / batch — Resizing
$1000 / day — Studio Space Rental (if necessary)
$350 / day — Office Space Rental (10×10 room)
$400 / half day, $600 full day — Models (non-union, non-agency)
$500 / day — Makeup Artist (if necessary)
$150 – Virtual Object 360 Degree photography (up to 32 images)
$100 / hour – basic webmaster services such as virtual object integration or e-commerce.
$Custom — Group photos

Prices include transparency clipping on all images. Keep in mind that one product may have multiple images. Some objects with fine detail (for example eye lashes or fishnet) can only be clipped to pure white. We can typically shoot around 100 images of similar sized small products in a day.

General Photography

Lead Photographer:
$600 – Half Day Photographer (up to 4 hours on site including set-up)
$1000 – Full Day Photographer (up to 8 hours on site including set-up)
$200 – Additional Photographer hours (after day rate of 8 hours)

Photo Assistant:
$300 – Half Day Assistant (up to 4 hours on site including set-up)
$500 – Full Day Assistant (up to 8 hours on site including set-up)

Photo Equipment:
Included – Basic Pro Camera (APS-C or full frame 24MP and up)
$100 – Camera Upgrade Level 1 – Full frame
42MP or greater
$200 – Camera Upgrade Level 2 – Full frame 61MP (a7rIV)

Crew – Videographers

$700 – Half Day Videographer (up to 4 hours on site including set-up)
$1200 – Full Day Videographer (up to 8 hours on site including set-up)
$250 – Additional Videographer hours (after day rate of 8 hours)

*Our videographers can function as one or more of the following:
Director, DP, Gaffer, Cam Op and Audio Tech

Production Assistant:
$300 – Half Day Assistant (up to 4 hours on site including set-up)
$500 – Full Day Assistant (up to 8 hours on site including set-up)

** Crew rates are applicable to nearly all DTX Media services including events, interviews, training videos and more.
** See what equipment prices below


Basic Video Equipment:
Included – Basic Pro Cameras (4k ASP-C or greater 8-bit 4:2:0)
Included – Basic Professional Lenses (G / GM, L Series & Primes)
Included – Tripods with professional fluid video heads.
$200 – Basic Professional Audio (Wireless lav mic and or boom)
$200 – Basic Professional Light Kit (900 LED panels + diffusion)
$200 – Basic Cinematic Motion Tools (SLR sized Gimbal or Slider)
$200 – Teleprompter (requires an operator, can be client or interviewee)

Advanced Video Equipment:
$200 – Camera Upgrade (4k 10-bit 4:2:2 Full Frame | a7sIII or r5)
$500 – Advanced Audio (mixer, multiple mics, and amplification)
$800 – Advanced Lighting (Aperture or Kino Flo or equivalent and mods)
$800 – Advanced Camera (FS7, C300 mkII or similar)
$1200 – Cine Camera (RED or ARRI complete kits)
$500 – Cine Lens (Cine lenses or Cinema lenses)
*Advanced Audio, Advance Lighting and Cine Camera require dedicated crew.

Video Editing:
$100 – Basic Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: sync, cut, color)
$150 – Advanced Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: animation)

$200 – Each licensed music track
$500 – Up to 3 minutes of voiceover
$100 – Additional voice over minute
$200 – Stock Video Clips (each)

** Typically 1 day of shooting requires 2 days of editing.
** Multiple deliverables typically require more time in post.
** Additional fees for needs such as voiceovers, music licensing, etc.

Video Editing:
$100 – Basic Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: sync, cut, color)
$150 – Advanced Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: animation)

$200 – Each licensed music track
$500 – Up to 3 minutes of voiceover
$100 – Additional voice over minute
$200 – Stock Video Clips (each)

** Typically 1 day of shooting requires 2 days of editing.
** Multiple deliverables typically require more time in post.
** Additional fees for needs such as voiceovers, music licensing, etc.