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DTX Media, based in Dallas/ Fort Worth, is a small video production studio / production house that offers high-quality custom 2D and 3D animated videos for clients and businesses of all sizes. The above video is a 3D animation, with an English-accented voiceover, created for GDC Technics, an aircraft modifications & technology company based in Fort Worth. Below are more samples of our work with different styles of animations.

Voiceover, Music, Custom Score, Stock, Green Screen, Live Editing, Social Media Shorts, Time-lapse and more.

Post Production Reel

Types of Graphics / Animation

2D Animated Videos

You may see companies that create whiteboard explainer videos, but at DTX Media, we take our 2D animation videos to another level of quality. The sample video is for DFW Air Care, an energy efficiency service located in Dallas, Texas. The video explains how a radiant barrier works. DTX Media can create animations or traditional company profile videos.

3D Animated Videos

This video is a 3D animation, with an English-accented voiceover, created for GDC Technics, an aircraft modifications & technology company based in Fort Worth, TX.

Basic Graphics

It’s best to consider a ‘simple graphic’ as basically something which could be done in a PowerPoint presentation. For those in the industry, these are graphics that can be created in the program Premiere Pro (vs After Effects). Examples include text, logos, and titles. The above training video for Milgard Windows shows a simple animated intro set to music, in which the logo and text slide around. This is a ‘simple graphic.’ Graphics like these are billed according to our editing day rate, so essentially done at no additional charge.

Advanced Graphics

Advanced graphics are any animations that are beyond ‘simple graphics’ (i.e., anything that cannot be done in PowerPoint / Premiere Pro). Similar to our simple graphics, advanced graphics are typically charged according to our editing day rate or hourly rate. For this reason, it’s often best to get a flat quote from us in advance. The above sample was created for Blackhawk in Dallas, Texas. It included a voiceover and music as well. You can see the storyboard on our pre-production page.

DTX Media is a Dallas based video production company and photography firm that offers green screen services. Green screen photography is when you take images on a chroma key green background with the intention of cutting your subject out and replacing the background with another scene or solid color. Our photographers and videographers have perfected the lighting, shooting and editing / background replacement techniques for Dallas Green Screen Portraits and video interviews. While images with true scenic or environmental backgrounds are always preferred for the maximum quality and authenticity, green screen can serve as a great alternative when the scenic background is unavailable.

Green Screen Portraits

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One great thing about the green screen headshots is that it allows you to replace the background with any background of your choice to match old headshots. You can also create a unique looking commercial environment. Headshot backgrounds are limited to shapes and blurs to be convincing. You will not be showing the Dallas skyline for example. The above example is about as detailed as a background that can be added.

Mobile Studio

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We can bring the green screen studio to your Dallas / Fort Worth office. Yes, we travel to you! If you don’t have a local office, we’re part of a network that allows us to rent office spaces all around DFW and even the world, so you can still come to us. Photography is a simple set-up perfect for corporate portraits, commercial portraits, or headshots. We’ve set up our green screen studio in Dallas conference rooms, lobbies, offices, etc. Green screen video requires a relatively large amount of space compared to green screen photography (15×15 ft).

Basic Photo Editing

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Advanced Photo Editing

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Additional Post Production Services


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Royalty Free | Custom Score | Sound Effects

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Audio Correction

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Live Editing

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Stock Video

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Screen Capture

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Video Editing:
$150/h — Advanced Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: animation)
$100/h — Standard Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: sync, cut, color)
$50/h — Rush Editing Hourly Add-on.

$100 — Licensed Music Track (royalty free, commercial use rights, up to 3 minutes)
$500 — Professional Voiceover (up to 3 minutes)
$100 — Professional Voiceover Additional Minutes
$200 — Stock Video Clip (each)
$50 — Stock Photo (each)
$100 — Hard Drive & Shipping (HDD or Flash Drive up to 1TB, lower US)

** Typically 1 day of shooting requires 2 days of editing.
** Multiple deliverables typically require more time in post.
** Additional fees for needs such as voiceovers, music licensing, etc.

Photo Editing:
$100/hour — Advanced Photo Editing (Photoshop, green screen, HDR, etc)
$50/hour — Basic Photo Editing (crop, exposure, white balance, levels)
$50/hour — Rush Editing Hourly Add-on.
$5/image — Product Photography Clipping

** Estimate an 30 minutes of editing for every hour shooting.
** 24 hour and overnight options available