Throwback Post:

Made a random trip to Eisenbergs in Plano, TX the other day.

It was like a blast from the past. I used to ride here every week in high school. I rode and didn’t hold back much, and man I was sore the day after. It’s amazing how good my friends have become at BMX, and depressing almost. I used to hang with these guys. Now I’m an old man. Guss it’s all relative as they could probably take just as good a of picture as me abck in early highschool.

This is one of my old best friends. Jason Ramirez. I originally went to shoot just him, but after making him do 4 tailwhips back-to-back, he didn’t want to ride for me anymore. haha.

-Jonny Carroll
Photographer – Dallas Sports Photographer


Update: Eisenbergs is no more. It will live on only in our hearts.

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