I know Katherine from shooting the UNT dance team, she’s no longer with them, as she now dances professionally as a Dallas Stars Girl.

We found this amazing ally way with old cars and car parts. Bricks, plants, flaking paint on wood. The whole works. Loved it. I won’t reveal the location, so don’t even ask. 🙂

We of course had to incorporate a little dance. Example to the right. We took a few photos in this spot in different dancer-like poses.

Here’s one of the old cars. Sources tell me it’s a 55 Chevy. I love the lighting on this, particularly the backlight strobe and it’s effect on the interior ceiling of the car.

It was a good shoot. She is very pretty and she now has a nice variety of shots for her portfolio. We’ll soon be adding a fashion and lifestyle portfolio.

-Jonny Carroll

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