My friend Mike Mezul is a meteorologist and photographer who is nice enough to let me join him on these adventures. Thanks Mike! We started the day heading up from Dallas Texas to Oklahoma City, then headed west. Below is our driver and his girlfiend.

We made our way into the Texas Panhandle to a bunch of isolated supercells that were rotating. Here’s everyone taking photos.

Beautiful formations were in the making and it was prime conditions for a tornado with the one exception that the previous storm that rolled through had cooled some of the air.

Here’s the ultimate tease of the day. This tornado dropped out of nowhere, about 3 miles from us and we hauled to get to it. By the time we were there it was back into the clouds. It never touched down that we saw, but nonetheless was pretty awesome! I took this from the back seat while we were driving toward it which explains why the black “stripes” are on either side of the photo.

After the adventure we stopped at this old abandoned house to take photos of the mammatus clouds.

Here’s Michael

On the way home. we stopped in Wichita Falls to take some lightning shots.

Photography by Jonny Carroll

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