Throwback Post:

This is just a tribute to the sun. I took this in near rush hour stopped at a red light back in December of 2005. It’s one of my recent uploads to Flickr as I try to catch up to present day.

Tomorrow, if it’s rainy, and it’s forecasted to be, will be a week strait of rainy colorless days. Don’t get me wrong, rain brings life and is so essential to our ecosystem, but day after day after day really wears on you.

As an individual it’s amazing to see how the rain really does impact my emotions. Luckily, I was able to play nine holes of golf today in a windy mist, and snuck in a 30 minute bike ride the other morning when it was just cloudy, which helped a lot.

As a photographer, my job and life really revolve around the sun/ weather. Postponements are underway. It’s nice to have time to catch up on logistics, office organization and etc, but I love to shoot!!

Soon enough.

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