Labor Day weekend is always a busy one on the lake. Just see all the boats in the photo below. Marinas International is based here in Dallas, so they called me up to take some aerial photos of a few of their marinas, some on lake grapevine, and one on lake lewisville.

I was taking the photos for promotional material, both editorial and for advertising.

While up, I also took some photos of lake activity. This is something the marinas make possible.

You can see the gaylord hotel in the background of this one.

The owned a piece of property on the lake that is a wedding venue. I took aerial photos of that, timed perfectly with the wedding. For politeness, we only flew prior to the bride walking the isle. On another topic, you can see our sister site: for more wedding photography.

Pier 121 is huge. And here it is!

What is this called? parasurfing? kite surfing? looks like a blast.

Here’s the I-35 bridge over lake dallas or lake lewisville as some refer to it.

Dallas commercial advertising editorial and aerial photography by Jonny Carroll