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1805, 2020

Led Light Test

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At 1.5 ft from background Canon t3 1/160 f/ 7.1 Iso 100 Daylight WB       LINKS   GVM RGB YN 300 GVM 560AS @ 5600k Yn900 bicolor @56 GVM 900D YN600II YN 900 5600 Godox 60W dish - $140 GVM 80w dish Godox 150w - $225

1801, 2020

JHF Law Firm

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We had the privilege of photographing new head shots for JHF Law Firm in Dallas. Lawyers get the bad end of a lot of jokes, but these guys were a lot of fun and we were able to make the head shots more personalized and interesting than a lot of those out there.                 [...]

1601, 2020

Pre-Production Process

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Many times clients want a video but get stuck when it comes to describing what they want to us. While all videos are unique in their own way, here's a short generic guide to help move along the pre-production process. 1. Identify the Target Audience This is the most important part of the whole video production process. You must know [...]

1501, 2020

NorthRock Apartments – Dallas Real Estate Photographer

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We are some of the best and most efficient Dallas Real Estate photographers, and we'd love to photograph your property! Robbie, one of our lead photographers, did an excellent job photographing the NorthRock Apartments of Lake Highlands. Dallas Real Estate Photography can highlight the amenities your property offers!