Sarah and I took a trip this summer to San Francisco. I had a photo shoot there , so I figured we might as well make a road trip out of it. The time off was nice and much needed, for us both. I took a lot of photos, but I’ll only be posting the geographic photos.

On the first day we stopped at the Monahan sand dunes. I took my snowboard and tried it out. Not as fun as I had imagined, It didn’t go too fast.

This is a still frame from a time lapse I shot that night. Or a star lapse as they’re sometimes called. I’ll try to get those on the blog before too long.

Day 2

Here is white sands, again, not a ton of photos because I was focused on time lapses and it wasn’t the ideal time of day. I have many great photos here from previous years, more of a stopping and sightseeing for Sarah.

Tucson, AZ


Here’s a scale comparison. This place was pretty.

Look out for part 2.

-Jonny Carroll
National Geographic Photographer

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