Throwback Post:
I was contacted by a company today about catalogue photos of jewelry. I realized I didn’t really have a portfolio of this on my website. Categorizing portfolios is really hard when you offer such a wide variety of services. In any case, instead of going through the coding of creating a portfolio, I thought this would be the easiest way of showing a quick compilation of the work I’ve done which relates.
These are shots I did for Catherine Page Jewelry and are the most relevant.
We used this strange human art piece in many photos. Other photos were taken with just a solid white background, but I feel these are more creative and better to show. I’ll have plenty of pure white photos in this post.

You can see more pictures on here website (although they are not all by me). click the photo or the link below.

iRam Technology and Avant Memory
Here are some catalogue shots of RAM memory. This was also used on their packaging.

Here’s more. And just in case all didn’t believe me about having plenty of solid white shots. 🙂

Then of course some of the commercial shots

You can see more pictures at their website. I also did the virtual tour for the manufacturing facility. Click the photo or the link below.


Here is just a random compilation of


Ad campaigns with small product shots:


and Misc editorial product photos. 


-Jonny Carroll Photographer
DTX Dallas, TX product photography

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