The importance of lighting a room for real-estate or architectural photography.

The top image is obviously preferred. There is nice soft white light coming from windows to the right which illuminates the bedroom, but misses the bathroom. The result is a yucky yellow looking bathroom. The fix: a couple wireless diffused flashes. I set up one to the left 1/4th power and one to the right at 1/2 power. For this shot I just used Canon speed light flashes trigger by pocket wizards. They were on light stands and shooting through umbrellas for a diffused effect. The trick was to match the strobe with a slow shutter speed to make the natural light and artificial light nearly equivalent.

Now in the final shot you have a nice white bathroom, and an even better lit bedroom. A shot that makes this hotel room even more appealing, and consequently the difference between amateur and professional shots. Also, this was just a demonstration, which is why I didn’t move the trash can.

-Jonny Carroll
Dallas Architecture Photographer

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