Southwest USA tracking Time lapse Photography

Posted by on Mar 21, 2019 in video

Sarah and I took a trip to California and I took some time lapses with a slider / dolly along the way. I offer a time lapse service in Dallas Texas. In the video you’ll in this order: Pacific Coast Highway beach, California. South of Oxnard VLA. Very Large Array, New Mexico. Star Lapse Saguaro […]

Dallas Commercial Videography and Photography – Behind the Scenes 1

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Dallas Commercial Videography and Photography – Behind the Scenes 1

I did a commercial shoot at a hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma. I was the photographer and you can see my pictures in previous posts. At the same time we were also filming a commercial. Here’s some photos of the media crew, behind the scenes. Note the pretty Christmas tree in the background! Dallas Advertising Photography […]

Dallas Time Lapse Photography Video

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I received a call from a media company in California needing a time lapse for a Toyota commercial. I had two days to shoot and deliver, and they specifically wanted sunrise and sunset lapses which are infamous for being extremely difficult to shoot. Sarah, Chelsea and Maria all helped collect and make time lapses from […]

First 5D mark II samples, first USA arrival.

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First 5D mark II samples, first USA arrival.

Throwback: SLR doing video??! I got a chance to play with one yesterday in Arlington, Texas. This is one of the first in the US to come in. My name is on the list, but not high enough to take one home yet. I did get some sample images however. The first thing I did […]

CCMH Video | Dallas commercial video

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Remember the photos posted from the Comanche County Memorial Hospital? click here if not: Well here’s the video from that. We did not make this video, but it was from the same shoot, as we simultaneously captured stills and video for marketing working together with another firm. Anyway, see the guy in the wheelchair […]

Sabre Aerial Video

Posted by on Dec 28, 2018 in Advertising, video

Direct Youtube Link. Sabre Holdings is a global technology company. The people behind the infamous travelocity. They booked me to shoot some aerial video of their headquarters in the Dallas area. They only wanted raw video for in house use.  We wanted to throw something real quick together for the blog / promotional use ourself, […]

Cedia Exhibition Time Lapse – Dallas Time Lapse Production

Posted by on Dec 20, 2018 in video

DTX Media is one of the best Dallas Time Lapse production teams in the metroplex. This was for an interactive trade show booth installation. Time lapses are an impressive way to document the changes that time passing can create. Check out our Vimeo page for more of our video production work! Originally posted 2016-03-08 20:54:13.

Josh Holsan – Aerial Motorcycle Stunts. Dallas Video Production

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018 in video

Professional short video productions in Dallas, TX with aerial video. Josh is a good friend of mine and a professional street bike stunter. We made this video with gyros, helicopters, and SLRs. Half way through the video we’ll introduce a pretty female character & stunter. Over the two days, the shoot was a lot of […]

Kevin Windham's ranch house – Aerial motocross photography

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Kevin Windham's ranch house –  Aerial motocross photography

Kevin Windham is one of the most recognized and respected riders in all of motocross and supercross. When I got a call from helicopter pilot Chris Creamer and invite from filmmaker Taylor Congdon to come shoot the photography of K-dub and production still photos of the Moto 3 movie, I couldn’t think of anything else I’d […]

Charter Our Community – Dallas Video Production

Posted by on Oct 2, 2018 in video

Back in September, we had the opportunity to document the organization Charter Our Community as they give back to veterans who need home improvements. Our lead videographer, Collin, and his team did a fantastic job highlighting what this great organization has to offer to veterans and their families. Charter Our Community – Fort Worth Texas […]