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Above is our DTX Media (Dallas, Texas) aerial video highlight reel from recent years. We are not pilots with cameras or drone hobbyists. We’re professional aerial photographers and videographers with an eye for film and video production. We have advanced stabilization techniques and tons of experience. DTX Media is based in Dallas, TX, but we serve all of Texas and surrounding states. This includes Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Shreveport, Louisiana, and more. We are fully legal, with Part 107 licensed and insured drone pilots and commercially licensed helicopter pilots.

dallas texas commercial video and photography corporations of DTX media

Dallas Aerial Photography

DTX Media, formerly known as TX aerial, has been offering superior aerial photography in Texas for over a decade, before the days of drones! Owned and operated by the award-winning National Geographic professional photographer Jonny Carroll, DTX Media is experienced while staying up to date with the most cutting-edge technology. We shoot from full-scale helicopters, UAVs / drones and airplanes. Based in Dallas, Texas, we serve the whole state including Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Lubbock. We can even go to Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Aerial Pricing

Aerial Video and Photography Platforms – Drones and Helicopters

Legal Drone Aerial Video in Dallas – Part 107 

dallas 333 drone video

Drone aerial video offers a unique perspective and affordability for film and productions. Drones can fly extremely low compared to full scale helicopters and can capture very dramatic video as a result. Our aerial video platform uses state-of-the-art stabilization gyros to give you smooth and beautiful videography. Clients can monitor the drone and see the live video feed from the ground. DTX Media uses precision machines, and we keep our aerial video drones in top condition. We have both licensed aircraft pilots and Part 107 pilots with remote pilot airman certificates for UAS. Drone aerial video in Dallas is particularly tricky as Dallas lies in class B (Bravo) airspace, and it is illegal for anyone, even with a license, to fly there without a special waivers (see laws and restrictions below). All our operations are completely legal and compliant. We’re not just pilots though, we’re drone videography experts, with cinematography backgrounds! We have a variety of options, everything from a RED camera to the typical micro 4/3s to the built in DJI x5 and x3 cameras that can shoot in 4K resolution. Our single-operator system (ideal for quick and simple jobs) is completely controlled by the pilot who uses the aircraft to pan the camera. Our higher end dual-operator systems (ideal for larger or complex jobs) use a camera which is independently controlled by a camera man. The dual-op system gives greater control, stability, and versatility to allow the crew to get more creative shots.

Drone Operator
$700 – Half Day Crew Member (less than 4 hours)
$1200 – Full Day Crew Member (4 to 8 hours)
$200 – Additional Hours on site
$100 – Waiver for Restricted Airspace (each location)
$200 – Night Waiver  *Requires a Visual Observer

Included – Single Op Drone (Mavic Pro, Phantom, etc)
$400 – Advanced Drone (Inspire or other dual-op systems)
$400 – Advanced Camera (such as the x5r or x7)

* Drones are limited to ~400ft elevation, 20-minute flights, weather conditions, and airspaces.
* Might be additional fees to close roads, permits and other custom requests.
* Dual-op systems require two crew members, a pilot and camera op

Helicopter Aerial Photography

dallas air to air corporate commercial photographer aerial photography dtx

Many clients are surprised to find that in many cases aerial photography in Dallas from a helicopter is cheaper than from a drone. This is especially true for multiple locations or if we’re already flying (ask about a no-rush discount option). With a helicopter we can shoot multiple locations in a couple hours while it could take a couple days with a drone. A helicopter allows us to perform smooth orbits and fly over traffic, which is prohibited with a drone. Above is an air-to-air photograph from a helicopter of an airplane. For high altitude shoots, we may use an airplane.

Helicopter Aerial Photography and Video
$700 – Half Day Reservation (less than 4 hours)
$1200 – Full Day Reservation (4 to 8 hours)

Equipment Options
Included – In House Photography and Video Equipment
$300 – Side Mount Video System (3 Axis GPS Gryo stabilized gimbal)

Helicopter Hourly Rates
$600/h – No Passenger Helicopter or Airplane (pilot and cam op only)
$1000/h – Passenger Helicopter (Director under 225 lbs can fly along)
$2200/h – Turbine Helicopter (such as Bell 206 or A-star)
$2200/h – Helicopter w/ built in 1080p Cineflex gimbal (1 hour min)
QUOTE – Helicopter w 4k GSS gimbal RED or ARRI

* Helicopter based out of Dallas, but can fly out of other metros.
* Helicopter fees includes aircraft rental, pilot, fuel, etc.
* Add-on – Specific times, dates, events, clearances etc.
* Helicopter prices also apply for airplanes.

Cineflex Aerial Video in Dallas

dallas air to air corporate commercial photographer aerial photography dtx

There is no match for the Cineflex system. The Cineflex is a 5-axis gyro-stabilized nose-mount system typically on a turbine helicopter that is silky smooth. The camera can be controlled from inside the helicopter including the ability to zoom in and out and focus remotely. Between flying for films, corporate jobs, and the news, our Cineflex operators (Jonny and Natalie) combine for nearly 1000 hours of experience with the Cineflex. Our standard 1080 HD system flys out of Dallas, Texas and is built into an R-44 design for Electronic News Gathering (ENG). Our connections and relationships make us one of the few companies who can offer video with this special Dallas-based system. You can find out all the specs for the system here.

Our custom Cineflex option can accommodate an Elite (ARRI Alexa) or Ultra, which can fly a Red Dragon or Helium camera and shoot in 4k. Prices vary. This option is very customizable. With both systems, a director (250 lbs and under) can fly along in the front seat and call the shots, or DTX Media, given our aerial operations experience, can direct.

Side Mount Aerial Video

dallas air to air corporate commercial photographer aerial photography dtx

The side-mount option is our most customizable option for helicopter aerial video. With new gyro technology, the side mount aerial video can many times be the most affordable option, and still looks fantastic. Above you’ll see Jonny Carroll of DTX Media next to a very customized option using a RED camera on a Ronin stabilizer. No matter the system, we use a 3-axis gyro stabilized gimbal with full frame cameras at 4K resolution while still accommodating frame rates of 24p or 30p if desired. The full-scale helicopter allows us to work in restricted areas and cover large areas, such as spans of highway, while still capturing beautifully smooth video. We can accommodate a passenger / client / director with their own monitor or just fly ourselves and save you costs.

*Prices vary depending on needs. Mostly: location of departure, camera platform needed, passenger or not. Ask for a custom quote. Most Dallas locations can be shot in the 1 hour minimum! Additional prices apply for specific cameras, insurance and ground time.

FAA Drone Compliance and Restrictions in Dallas / Fort Worth

DTX Media is completely compliant with all laws! The map above shows restricted airspaces. With full-scale helicopters, we can get clearance into any of the restricted DFW airspaces with a 36-hour notice (with a couple exceptions such as the Fort Worth Air Force base and a 1-mile radius from George Bush’s house). Drones, however, can not operate in red square areas without special waivers and exemptions. DTX Media is one of the few companies in Dallas / Fort Worth with drone pilots who can legally fly in these areas! Any person or company flying a drone that cannot show a wavier to operate within these areas is likely breaking federal law and is a criminal with potential penalty of imprisonment (i.e. Not someone you want to do business with). Additionally, any person who hires an unlicensed pilot, or a pilot without clearance into restricted airspace for commercial photography or video could be liable for a fine of $11,000. If you’re unsure if your location lies inside restricted airspace, you can view this detailed and interactive map from the FAA. Anything within a red block is drone restricted and requires a special waiver. The numbers inside the block (100, 400, etc.) is the drone altitude limit we can go with the special waiver.

Types of Aerial Photography

We offer aerial photography from full scale helicopters, planes, and even RC remote control helicopters. The method we choose depends on location, altitude, regulations, and quality. Our platform choice also depends on budgets. We will work together to find the best option for you.

Oblique Aerial Photography

oblique aerials

Obliques are any photos photographed at an angle. They are best for portfolio or real-estate type work. We fly on sunny days at the best time of day for the location. Serving all of Texas. Shown above is the Dallas Country Club.

Typically we use helicopters, but we will use drones for for super-low angles (such as below buildings) and airplanes for the high altitude photography. Drone or RC aerials are a great option for some jobs, but is not always the best or cheapest option and is subject to limitations from weather, wind, elevation, location and flight duration. Contact us to find out the best platform for your needs.

Vertical Aerial Photography


Straight down photos. Similar to satellite imagery. On small locations in Texas we can shoot these ourselves, for very large areas within Dallas, and some other metro areas we can pull from the most recent satellite imagery.

Construction Progression

construction progression

Monthly photos of construction taking place in Dallas, Texas. Huge discounts over custom aerial photography, but also not quite the same quality. These are for documentation purposes. They are not always taken on sunny days. We typically fly around the 1st and the 15th of the month.

Specialty Aerial Photography

dallas aerial photographer

We offer specialty aerial photography. This could be for live events on specific dates, some of which require coordination and special clearance with the FAA. It also can include night and twilight aerial photography. Night aerial photography can be very tricky but also very pretty. This only works with some locations. We have a lot of experience with specialty photography. This is something not just anyone can do. We offer the best aerial photography in Texas.

dallas texas commercial video and photography corporations of DTX media

While we specialize in aerial videography, we are also a full service video production company and can usually accommodate any needs you have on the ground. Our services range from interviews to time-lapses, to event coverage and even documentaries.