DTX Media Pricing and Rates

Along with creating the best content possible, our goal is to be as transparent, fair and competitive with our pricing as possible to earn your trust and repeat business. Unlike other studios who charge low to shoot and hold content hostage, we never practice ‘bait and switch’, which means you will always receive and have a right to the full resolution digital files and content that you paid for, with no additional costs. (The only exceptions being the price of a hard drive and shipping in some circumstances and a marginal archival fee for anything over a year old). While these numbers should give you a great starting point on your budget, they do not account for any unknown factors and or requests. These prices are for work inside the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, but we are happy to accommodate travel. We ask that you please contact us for an exact quote.



Professional Videography

Corporate Video in Dallas including Events, Interviews, Green Screen. We provide the crew, cameras, lights, mics and any other required gear.


Video Capture:
$2400 – Video Crew Full Day Rate (2 people). Up to 8 hours.
$1500 – Video Crew Half Day Rate (2 people). Up to 4 hours.
$1500 – Single Videographer Full Day Rate
$900 – Single Videographer Half Day Rate
$250 – Additional Video Crew Hours per crew member after day rate of 8 hours.

**Interviews, events and green screen will typically require a crew of two.

Pre Production Dallas advertising agencyYoung modern men in smart casual wear shaking hands and smiling while working in the creative office


$1200 – Basic Pre-Production / Creative Direction
Pre-production is when DTX Media is involved in the creative process leading up to a shoot. We work with our clients to gain an understanding of the project goals and target audience, to help create a plan to best communicate your message, product or service. This process can include everything from conference calls, to an in-person meeting, a location scout, story board or script consulting and assistance, and location / set / studio consulting and management.

$1000 – Script writing.
An add-on service to our basic pre-production where we write a script for your video. This in-depth service we dive into understand standing you product, company or message and bring it to live verbally so that it may be brought to life audibly and visually. Scripts can include interviews, client testimonies, or even voice overs. Price is for up to a 3 minute script. 

Post Production

Video Editing:
$150/ h – Basic Video Editing
$800/ day – Bulk Video Editing rate @ $100/h (anytime 8 or more hours is required)

$200 / track – Royalty Free licensed music
$1500 / minute – Custom music score
$300 / minute – voice over (one minute minimum)
$200 / Clip – Stock Video

** Typically 1 day of shooting requires 2 days of editing.
** Multiple deliverables typically require more time in post.
** Additional fees for needs such as voiceovers, music licensing, animation, etc.



Professional Photography

Corporate Event Photography, Editorial and Advertising, Industrial, Architecture, Products, and more. Basic editing and the full resolution digital files are always included!

Photography Day Rate – $1200
4-8 hours on site. Editing Included. Digital Files Included. Single photographer.

Photography Half Day Rate  – $700
1-4 hours on site. Editing Included. Digital Files Included. Single photographer.

Additional Hours – $200
Each hour after the eight hours day rate.

Photo Editing:
Free – Basic photo editing included in day rates.
$100 / image  – Extensive Photo Editing.
$25 / photo – Green Screen Editing
$2 / image – Custom File Renaming (such as to the SKU, or a person’s name)
$$$ – Rush Deadline Editing. 24 hour and overnight options available


Headshots and Portraits

Professional head shots and corporate portraits shot on location with our mobile studio set-up.

zoomed in or cropped headshot of the black guy

Headshots Up to 120 people – $1200
Headshots Up to 50 people – $700
Headshots 2-10 people – $500
Individual Headshot – $400

* On location mobile studio set-up with 1 background or using an environmental background. All shots must use the same background.

Headshot Editing
$100 / image – Advanced Editing (remove wrinkles, braces, glasses, etc)
$50 / image – Touch ups (skin retouching / corrections, fly aways, etc)
$35 / image – Photo Swap – Select a different photo than what was selected on-site.
$35 / image – Green screen background replacement for individuals.
$10 / image – Green screen background replacement (bulk pricing 10+ people).
$6 / image – Green screen background replacement (bulk pricing 100+ people).
$2 / image – Custom File Renaming (such as a person’s name or ID number)



Aerial Video

Full scale helicopter and drone aerial videography options.
Prices are based flying out of Dallas, TX, but we serve all of Texas, Oklahoma and surrounding states.

dallas cineflex texas and houston

Drone Video or Photography Single Operator
$900 – Aerial Half Day (0 to 4 hours on site)
$1500 – Aerial Full Day (up to 8 hours on site + a lunch)
$1400 – Aerial Half Day in Restricted Airspace
$2400 – Aerial Full Day in Restricted Airspace
$250 / hour – Additional Hours

Drone Video or Photography Dual Operator
$1500 – Aerial Half Day (0 to 4 hours on site)
$2400 – Aerial Full Day (up to 8 hours on site + a lunch)
$2000 – Aerial Half Day in Restricted Airspace
$2900 – Aerial Full Day in Restricted Airspace
$500 / hour – Additional Hours

Cineflex 4K Turbine Helicopter:
(RED or AARI camera) $12000 + $3000 / flight hour

Cineflex V14 @ 1080P:
$1200 (day rate) + $2500 / flight hour

Side-Mounted 4K:
$1200 Day rate + $900 per flight hour


Aerial Photography

Obliques, verticals, high and low altitude and drone aerial photography. Prices are for Dallas, TX, but we serve all of Texas. The price includes the helicopter rental, pilot, fuel, any flight clearance, photography, basic editing and the full resolution digital files accompanied by a commercial use release license.

dallas aerial photography

Helicopter Aerial Photography
$900 – Custom Flight for any location in DFW
$200 – Each additional location in DFW (during the on the same flight)

Drone Video or Photography Single Operator
$900 – Aerial Half Day (0 to 4 hours on site)
$1500 – Aerial Full Day (up to 8 hours on site + a lunch)
$1400 – Aerial Half Day in Restricted Airspace
$2400 – Aerial Full Day in Restricted Airspace
$250 / hour – Additional Hours

Monthly Progression Aerial Photos: $200
Inside DFW metroplex. Time of day, precise
angle and weather conditions will vary with this service. Price requires at least 6 flights. Flown on / near the first of the month.

* We will determine if the best method is full scale helicopter, airplane or drone. Each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Fly alongs, clearances, time of day and specific date requests can all affect the price.
Please contact us for an exact quote.



Time-Lapse Video

Long term and short term time lapse video production.
Exterior time-lapses installs require the use of a special waterproof housing and it can run on solar power when mounted in a location exposed to sunlight.
Interior time-lapses require a secure place to mount the camera and require a dedicated 110v power supply.

time-lapse image of Dallas at multiple times of day

Long Term Time-Lapse Installation:
$1400 – Interior Camera Install and Set-up (requires reliable power)
$4500 – Exterior Camera Install and Set-up (solar powered and waterproof)
**10% OFF Additional Cameras

Monthly Monitoring and Maintenance: (Required)
$700 / month – Exterior or Interior Internet provided by DTX Media.
$500 / month – Interior lapse, if internet is provided by client.
**Client provided internet must have Up speeds of 10+ mb/s

Optional Add-ons:
Editing — $700 — Cut downtime, multiple angles, add music, logos, text, etc
30’ Pole  — $2750 — For mounting the camera. (One time charge only)
Travel – Contact us — Serving all of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana

Short Term Time-lapse:
$900 — Half Day rate, up to 4 hours, 2 cameras.
$1500 — Full Day rate, up to 8 hours, 2 cameras.




Photo Station / Photo Booth

A modern twist on the classic Photo Booth using a large backdrop to fit large groups with clean and easy iPad social sharing options.

digital sharing iPad dallas

Base Package – $1200
– Designated photographer
– Photo Station Assistant
– Two iPads for digital sharing
– Internet Hotspot Provided
– Live Printing
– Props (if desired)
– Standard white backdrop
– OR client provided backdrop
– Up to 3 hours coverage

Custom Backdrops: $250 – $500
Crowd Control Stanchions: $200
Red Carpet: $50 – $100
Additional hours: $200/each
Additional 8 hour “days”: $1800

*See more options on our Dallas Step-and-Repeat Photography page



Real-Estate and Architecture

Commercial and Residential photography and video in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Including exterior and interior photography and basic editing. Some packages include both day and night / twilight photography and video.

real estate archtecture night

Residential Real-estate Photography
$.02% of Listing Price — (minimum of $500, half-day)

Residential Real-estate Video
$.025% of listing price — (minimum of $1200, half-day)

** BONUS** Residential property Listings over $500k include:
Includes twilight / night shots and drone aerials (if permissible)

Base Commercial Real-Estate / Architectural Photography
$700 Half day. Includes interiors, exteriors and editing

Advanced Commercial Real-Estate / Architectural Photography
$1400 Extended full day.
Includes twilight / night exteriors and drone aerials (if permissible)



Product Photography

Amazon Approved Product and Catalog Photography with clipping, advanced editing, models and more.

On-Location Rates:
$700 Half Day + $5 / image – (clipping included)
$1200 Full Day + $5 / image – (clipping included)

Drop Off Rates:
$500 Base Rate + $20 / image – (clipping included)

Optional Add-Ons:
$5 / image — Basic Retouching (touch-up, add a shadow, etc)
$2 / image — Custom File Renaming (such as SKU, name, or color)
$15 / image — Colorization
$25 / image — Image markup, (graphics and etc)
$40 / image — Advanced editing (such as ghosting)
$100 / batch — Resizing
$1000 / day — Studio Space Rental (if necessary)
$350 / day — Office Space Rental (10×10 room)
$400 / half day, $600 full day — Models (non-union, non-agency)
$500 / day — Makeup Artist (if necessary)
$Custom — Group photos

Prices include clipping on all images. Keep in mind that one product may have multiple images. We can typical shoot around 100 images of similar sized small products in a day. We have one female and one male mannequin.


Live Streaming Video Production

Online broadcasting of events, with multiple camera angles and quality audio and lighting with no post-production required. One crew member is always dedicated to the webcast, but can make minor camera adjustments as needed. B-roll and or interviews can be caught by one of the designated cameramen.

wide shot of the stage

Base Package:
$2200 – Up to 2 hours of broadcast
$350 – Additional Hours

Base Package + Cam Op:
$2800 – Up to 2 hours of broadcast
$500 – Additional Hours

Camera Operator:
$700 – Up to 2 hours
$200 / additional hour

LTE Internet Service:
$2000 / day – Up to 50GB

**All packages include up to 4 streams, 3 wireless, a full resolution digital copy of the broadcast, advanced set-up and testing.



Animation / Graphics

Dallas Video Production with an emphasis on 2D or 3D animation including everything from explainer videos to 3D products.

Custom Graphics
Simple or basic supplemental graphics are charged our standard editing day rate, which is $125 / hour or in blocks of 8 hours at $700/day.

3D Animated Videos:
– $4500 for up to 1 minute
– $1000 / every 15 seconds thereafter.
– $3500 / minute for animations over 5 minutes in total length.

2D Animated Videos:
– $2800 for up to 1 minute
– $700 / every 15 seconds thereafter.
– $2000 / minute for animations over 5 minutes in total length.

– $100 – Royalty Free Music Track
– $500 / page – Voice Over
– $200 / clip – Stock Video
– $$$$ (custom) – Script Writing
– $$$$ (custom) – Storyboard



Mobile Audio Production

Provide wireless microphone rentals. sound board, speakers, and audio technician. equipment rental.

Mean sitting on stage speaking into microphones

Basic Half-Day Event Audio Set-Up
$700 per set-up

Additional Days Event Audio Set-Up
$200/ day

Technician / Monitor
$500 half day
$700 full day

Single Day Set-Up with Technician
$900 1-2 hour event
$1500 2-6 hour event

Set up includes a 8+ channel sound board / mixer, multiple wireless microphones, speakers and subs, inputs and multiple audio outputs.




Consumer Services:
DTX Weddings – Wedding photography and Video (external link)


All prices are estimates. Each job is unique and will be quoted depending on what exactly is needed. This may lower or raise the estimated price.

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